Revault’s Token Economics
5 min readJul 29, 2021

Time travelers, if you’re reading these lines, it means our Flux capacitor is functioning well and we made enough noise to have come this far. In the following few paragraphs we will elaborate on the $REVA token metrics and economic model. If you are not sure what this $REVA huss and fuss is all about, try taking a step back and learn about Revault’s mission by reading this concept blog post.

$REVA is the Plutonium of the Revault. By Staking $REVA one can take part in Revault DAO, voting on different protocol proposals and at the same time, be eligible for part of the protocol profits.

But first things first, let’s start from the basics

Token parameters

  • $REVA is a native token on BSC, with a total max supply of 18,181,818.
  • The only hard coded parameter in the smart contract is the total supply, all other parameters will be governed by Revault’s DAO.
  • The token address will be announced only before the presale
  • On Revault’s launch date, 30% or 5,454,545 $REVA tokens are already pre-minted for the presale, liquidity lock, team and the strategic investors of the protocol.
  • With each BSC blocks, another 0.7 $REVA will be minted (~20K $REVA per day)
  • No more than a total of 18,181,818 $REVA will ever be minted
  • The $REVA emission rate multiplier will be decreased to X0.75 at the end of 3 months from launch and to X0.5 at the end of 9 months from launch. As mentioned, the emission rate will be governed by revault’s DAO and subject to change at any given time.

Pre-minted $REVA tokens

  • 15% of the max supply — 2,727,272 $REVA, are allocated to the Revault team, working on the project for the past year. The team’s $REVA are subject to a lock of 1 year, vested monthly over 12 months.
  • 10% of the max supply — 1,818,181 $REVA, are allocated to Revault’s strategic seed investors, for bringing Revault to this moment and for taking it to new heights soon. The seed investor’s $REVA will be distributed in 12 equal monthly tranches, starting on the launch day.
  • 5% of the max supply — 909,091 $REVA, are allocated as follows:
    2.5% — 1.25% For Revault’s Pre-sale and 1.25% For Revault’s initial liquidity offering (ILO), both will be distributed to all participants within 3 linear trenches.
    2.5% — Locked for 2 years in the BNB-$REVA pool as initial liquidity together with the Pre-sale raised BNB.

You read right, all Pre-sale and ILO contributions will serve as liquidity for the $REVA-BNB pool and will be locked for 2 years. The LP tokens for providing the liquidity will afterward be sent to Revault’s treasury, governed by the Revault DAO.

$REVA tokens emission

With each additional BSC block mined, new $REVA will be minted into the token circulation. Each of the freshly minted 0.7 $REVA will be allocated as follows:

  • 21.4% of the $REVA emission that stands for 15% of the total $REVA supply — will be distributed as rewards for the participants in the many vaults presented on the platform — TVL Rewards.
  • 28.6% of the $REVA emission that stands for 20% of the $REVA supply — will be distributed as rewards for staking $REVA on the $REVA single asset pool
  • 35.7% of the $REVA emission that stands for 25% of the $REVA supply — will be distributed as rewards for providing liquidity in Pancakeswap $REVA-BNB pool
  • 14.3% of the $REVA emission that stands for 10% of the $REVA supply — will be distributed to the Revault Treasury governed by the DAO to be spent for various community-related activities, marketing efforts and business development.

$REVA total supply allocation

Token rewards and fees

As mentioned in previous blogs, Revault has adopted an economic model to ensure inherent Buy pressure for $REVA, while incentivizing $REVA stakers by distributing a portion of the platform profits. If that does not do the trick for you, locking your staked $REVA for different periods of time, will grant users with reward multipliers for higher rewards.

$REVA Staking rewards

Revaulters will get the option to lock their staked $REVA for 3 pre-defined periods in exchange for higher rewards and DAO voting power. The total 20% $REVA designated for $REVA staking, will be distributed as follows:

  • Bronze DAO share -No lock- 2%
  • Silver DAO share -7 days lock- 4%
  • Gold DAO share -30 days lock- 6%
  • Premium DAO share -90 days lock- 8%

Revault platform fees and tax, a hodler’s dream

$REVA holders and stakers will also benefit from the platform’s profit distribution model

  • Upon withdrawal, 1% of the user profit will be distributed between all $REVA stakers.
  • 100% of Vaults’ native tokens profits generated on Revault, will be swapped for $REVA.
  • Every time a Revaulter decides to withdraw its position, 30% of its profits will be converted to $REVA before being sent to its wallet.


Goldie Willson invested 100,000 BUSD through Revault.
He does well and earns 10,000 BUSD and 100 $REVA.
Assuming $REVA price gets to 60$, once Goldie claims his profits — 3,000 out of the 10,000 BUSD (30% of profits) will be used to buy 50 $REVA (3,000/60), so the total rewards sent to him will be 7,000 BUSD and 150 REVA.
On top of that, 1% of his profits, meaning 1.17 $REVA (70 BUSD) + 1.5 REVA or 2.67 $REVA in total, will be distributed between all $REVA stakers.

The Revault bull train does not stop there. Meet the Revault Tax, designed for anti sniping and increased Buy pressure. We came up with a 2 tier tax mechanism to spice things even more

  • Revault tax — any $REVA transaction will have a 0.25% tax that will be withheld and distribute as follows:
  • 25% will be burnt
  • 25% will be sent to the Revault treasury held by the DAO
  • 25% will be distributed between all $REVA stakers
  • 25% will be distributed between all $REVA-BNB liquidity providers
  • Anti Sniperbot mechanism (Deprecated) — Selling $REVA within 100 blocks from buying will trigger a 10% tax instead of 0.25%


100% of funds raised in Revault’s crowd-sales will be pledged for liquidity and be locked for 2 years. Users can benefit from using Revault to maximize their vaults’ strategy and gains, while at the same time enjoy the generous $REVA incentives and buyback mechanism.



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