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4 min readAug 1, 2021


The sun is up. You wake up. throwing your left hand to the nightstand in search of your smartphone. With one eye still shut you unlock the phone and search for the Coingecko icon. Just a 10% price fluctuation, nothing dramatic. You brush your teeth, kiss the Mrs, a cup of Joe, toast with jam, it’s time to find your next gem.

Skimming over your 6,000 Telegram unread messages, a weak night. Moving on to surf your 88 servers on Discord, you missed only 14 presales and 5 IDOs. 30 minutes of scrolling down on Twitter searching for #APY, followed by your daily dose of Gabriel Haines, Chicko crypto, Crypto Lark, and Taking a break to send a text message to a friend whose name you forgot but have no problem asking for alpha leaks and tips for new vaults. After spending 4 hours consuming endless amounts of information and tons of retarded gifs, You still do not know what to do with your crypto!

If you identify with the lines above it’s OK fren, you are home. Believe it or not, you are just like any other DeFi player even if they do not admit it. Crypto is a blue ocean, and if that was not complicated enough, DeFi introduced itself with endless opportunities and terms you thought only your accountant should know.

Staying on top of everything that is happening is a full time job, and even then, execution is mostly done depending on gut feelings, not to say a blind bet.

Revault came to life with the goal of solving two main pains

  1. You don’t know where to put your crypto to bring home the best APY
  2. You don’t have the time to constantly look for the best APY and maintain it

With these two mega pains constantly in our minds, we decided to take action and devote our next few years to building the go-to place for all DeFi players, as we believe the current space is just a drop in the sea from what’s coming next.

We designed Revault to become the Google search of DeFi, enabling everyone to manage their funds, find the best place to put their crypto, and be confident that if a new opportunity emerges, their assets will find their way to it. Revault is essentially a vaults’ maximizer. A relay protocol for those investing into DeFi vaults.

Bringing the best APY to your doorstep

Revault index every vault in the market and bring you the top 5 results for any asset at any given time. We do it by investing a small amount of funds in each vault, measuring it’s APY in real time. We then update our indexing table with the results to always present the best performing vaults relevant to you.

Doing the heavy lifting and saving you time

Revault is taking care of your positions for you 24/7, making sure they are always at optimum. We automatically and hassle free, transfer your funds from your current vault to a better performing vault, when we find one. We also take care of all the fee calculations for you to make sure such a switch is profitable. With our built in Zap function, users can also enter a vault even without holding the vault’s base asset, with just a single action on the platform.

Come on Marty, the future awaits!

Revault MVP will launch on BSC moving later to other chains currently with Polygon, Fantom and ETH in mind. The MVP will show the top 3 vaults for each asset and later on, the top 5. Further down the road, the Revault cross-chain bridge and the cross-chain rebalancer will be introduced followed by our position risk analyzer and rebalancer. As you see, a lot more to come.


Revault is the Google search for DeFi. We are going to change the way the game is played by making amends of the two biggest pains in DeFi, finding the best APY and freeing the time to maintain it 24/7.

Our MVP launch is just around the corner, join our great community in Discord to find all about our product utilities, token metrics, announcements, and lively discussions.



We Find & Maximize Vault Strategies. Find and deposit funds in the best performing vaults in the market at any given time!