Save The Date — Revault ILO Announced

Time Travelers,

Wait no more, it’s time to get busy. After a long and anticipated period, we are now finally able to disclose the full details of Revault’s ILO and its last investor round.

Revault Initial Liquidity Offering will take place on October 13th, 12:00 PM CET

During the ILO, we will raise up to USD 440K worth of BNB, to be allocated between 3 different launchpads — Lightning, Poolz, and Infinity Pad by DAOmaker. Choosing the right partners to host our ILO was not an easy task. After being approached by practically each of the launchpads around, we finally decided to go with those who we share with the same values and that we are sure will be great partners in the long run. We would like to thank each of the pads for their patience, cooperation, and willingness to take an integral part in Revault’s mission to disrupt Defi as we know it.

This is also a great opportunity to thank and its founding partners, Binance, Moonstake, and Orbs, for their constant consulting and quality guidance.

So without further ado, and as further explained in our previous blog post Helo ILO, $REVA price and terms during the ILO will be as follows:

$REVA price — 1.925$/~0.0044 BNB

ILO Venue — everyone of the 3 collaborating pads — Lightning, Poolz and Infinity Pad

Lock — the ILO $REVAs will be distributed in 3 equal monthly tranches, starting on Revault launch day.

Individual Cap — according to each launch pads’ different tiers.

Whitelist Eligibility — according to each launch pads’ criteria

As the name suggests, 100% of the BNB raised in the ILO together with the Pre-sale contributions will be locked as liquidity with an equal value of $REVA tokens on Pancakeswap.

On the following day to the ILO, on October 14th, the Revault platform beta will be launched. Simultaneously, every one of Revault’s contributors will receive their initial $REVA stake, with private investors getting 1/12 and Pre-sale and ILO contributors getting 1/3 of their total $REVA allocation.

Immediately after, $REVA token holders will be able to stake their $REVA, in the platform single asset staking pool, to get their share of the platform rewards.

At this very special moment, we must say thank you one more time. Thank you each and every one of our amazing 20,000 community members. You were there for us in the very beginning and your continuous support is what keeps us running.


Waiting for you in the future,

The Revault team

If My Calculations Are Correct Marty, When This Baby Hits 88 Miles Per Hour, You’re Gonna See Some Serious Shit!








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We Find & Maximize Vault Strategies. Find and deposit funds in the best performing vaults in the market at any given time!

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