Revault’s Token Economics

Token parameters

  • $REVA is a native token on BSC, with a total max supply of 18,181,818.
  • The only hard coded parameter in the smart contract is the total supply, all other parameters will be governed by Revault’s DAO.
  • The token address will be announced only before the presale
  • On Revault’s launch date, 30% or 5,454,545 $REVA tokens are already pre-minted for the presale, liquidity lock, team and the strategic investors of the protocol.
  • With each BSC blocks, another 0.7 $REVA will be minted (~20K $REVA per day)
  • No more than a total of 18,181,818 $REVA will ever be minted
  • The $REVA emission rate multiplier will be decreased to X0.75 at the end of 3 months from launch and to X0.5 at the end of 9 months from launch. As mentioned, the emission rate will be governed by revault’s DAO and subject to change at any given time.

Pre-minted $REVA tokens

  • 15% of the max supply — 2,727,272 $REVA, are allocated to the Revault team, working on the project for the past year. The team’s $REVA are subject to a lock of 1 year, vested monthly over 12 months.
  • 10% of the max supply — 1,818,181 $REVA, are allocated to Revault’s strategic seed investors, for bringing Revault to this moment and for taking it to new heights soon. The seed investor’s $REVA will be distributed in 12 equal monthly tranches, starting on the launch day.
  • 5% of the max supply — 909,091 $REVA, are allocated as follows:
    2.5% — 1.25% For Revault’s Pre-sale and 1.25% For Revault’s initial liquidity offering (ILO), both will be distributed to all participants within 3 linear trenches.
    2.5% — Locked for 2 years in the BNB-$REVA pool as initial liquidity together with the Pre-sale raised BNB.

$REVA tokens emission

  • 21.4% of the $REVA emission that stands for 15% of the total $REVA supply — will be distributed as rewards for the participants in the many vaults presented on the platform — TVL Rewards.
  • 28.6% of the $REVA emission that stands for 20% of the $REVA supply — will be distributed as rewards for staking $REVA on the $REVA single asset pool
  • 35.7% of the $REVA emission that stands for 25% of the $REVA supply — will be distributed as rewards for providing liquidity in Pancakeswap $REVA-BNB pool
  • 14.3% of the $REVA emission that stands for 10% of the $REVA supply — will be distributed to the Revault Treasury governed by the DAO to be spent for various community-related activities, marketing efforts and business development.

$REVA total supply allocation

Token rewards and fees

  • Bronze DAO share -No lock- 2%
  • Silver DAO share -7 days lock- 4%
  • Gold DAO share -30 days lock- 6%
  • Premium DAO share -90 days lock- 8%
  • Upon withdrawal, 1% of the user profit will be distributed between all $REVA stakers.
  • 100% of Vaults’ native tokens profits generated on Revault, will be swapped for $REVA.
  • Every time a Revaulter decides to withdraw its position, 30% of its profits will be converted to $REVA before being sent to its wallet.
  • Revault tax — any $REVA transaction will have a 0.25% tax that will be withheld and distribute as follows:
  • 25% will be burnt
  • 25% will be sent to the Revault treasury held by the DAO
  • 25% will be distributed between all $REVA stakers
  • 25% will be distributed between all $REVA-BNB liquidity providers
  • Anti Sniperbot mechanism (Deprecated) — Selling $REVA within 100 blocks from buying will trigger a 10% tax instead of 0.25%




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