Revault’s Red Army marches on

The waves get stronger as we approach our destination, but the Revault ship keeps sailing forward at full steam ahead towards changing the way we Defi.

During the first weeks of 2021 when we all sat together at Revault and planned our coming months, we decided we are going to focus on 2 major points. 1 surround ourselves with top tier strategic partners that can present amazing opportunities to us when such arise, and 2, make sure we gather the best core community possible to help us make this dream come true.

Thankfully enough, we managed to get powerful allies and strategic partners, we will soon disclose, in such caliber that will help us get our product, TVL, and REVA tokens to places we couldn’t imagine before. Having said that, today it is all about being grateful for achieving our second target — Revault’s beautiful core community.

Announcing our Pre-sale a month ago, we decided only those 200 early birds, who have been there from the start will be able to participate and only after understanding how they are going to help our community-based project get to the heights it deserves. This was done in an attempt to return a favor for our early birds’ loyal support by saving them a spot in this rocket launch and create the strongest project community ever existed.

Shortly after, we started getting messages from many concerned advisors and partners saying this might blow up in our faces leaving the presale not filled up. Despite understanding their concerns, we were determined to take that risk in order to make sure we cherry-pick the Revault army we were looking for.

Writing these lines, we are thrilled to announce that this decision couldn’t have played out any better. Our core community came through and helped the project take down another step, raising the max cap of the presale. Out of a community of 200 warriors, 178 put their trust in us and contributed an average of 4.2 BNB to serve as the initial liquidity for the REVA/BNB pair.

For that, we are forever grateful and will keep doing our best to bring you the best product and ecosystem in the Defi space.

Since we denominated the pre-sale token price in USD, and with the late BNB upwards trend, we ended up having the pre-sale max cap with a few REVA to spare. As a token of appreciation, Revault’s team has decided to distribute the spare REVA tokens proportionally between all the pre-sale participants.

The distribution will take place at the main REVA launch, with the conclusion of the Revault ILO (details below). Instead of getting 1 REVA for every 1 REVAPT, pre-sale contributors will now get 1.204 REVA for every REVAPT token they have on the wallet, representing an additional 17% discount on the original pre-sale price. The additional tokens will be subject two a 2 months vesting period just like the original ones.

Revault ILO

With the pre-sale behind us we are moving in great steps towards the final liquidity event Revault is having — the Revault ILO, taking place on September 13th, 2021.

Shortly after the pre-sale concluded we announced our collaboration with the great community and team of Lightning. Today we announced another pad joining this rocket ship — With a community of several dozens thousands, will help us meet new markets and community members, and we are super excited to begin our mutual collaboration.

All ILO details will be soon available in our official channels. Make sure you follow them to be always informed of the latest of Revault.

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