Revault was chosen to Binance MVB program! This is how you can help
4 min readApr 22, 2022


We are proud to announce that our project has been chosen out of 450+ projects for Binance Smart Chain MVB Program!

This is no small achievement by any means. According to BNB chain Revault is one of the best-performing teams, not only within the BNB Chain ecosystem but across the whole crypto industry.

Throughout this article, we will provide information about the MVB IV program, how do the winners get chosen? Why will Revault benefit from participating in the program? And how you, our amazing community can help us win 1st place and skyrocket to the moon!

Diving in!

MVB stands for “Most Valuable Builder” and is an ongoing incubation program provided only for top dApps and builders in the BNB chain ecosystem. In a message sent to our team, the MVB organziers stated “We recognize the work you’ve done and want to help you excel at lightning speeds”

BNB Chain is looking for amazing companies which are building innovative products, these companies will set the standard for the next generation of DeFi, NFT, and GameFi projects.

Revault explores a layer above the standard Defi space, our Layer 4 Active Vault Aggregator” offers the highest APY in the market to any asset on the Revault DApp.

Choosing the winners!

Monthly stars are chosen based on criteria such as the most successful performing project of the month in categories such as project design, innovation, team, security, and community strength.

Only 3 winners will be selected as MVB IV Top Players from the pool of MVB Monthly Stars, These projects will be chosen by MVB Committee where a decentralized voting system is used to maximize transparency and fairness in the selection process. The committee consists of over 30 members from various backgrounds including previous MVB Top Players, influencers, universities, and investors.

Join MVB Discord Channel to receive real-time updates about the BNB Chain and the progress of the MVB IV Program.

Our opportunity!

MVB program dedicates $300 million to support projects in early-stage and edge their growth, we received a chance to achieve direct investment from the BNB chain fund, an opportunity to join MVB Incubation Program which provides mentorship, security, marketing & operations, investment solutions.

According to MVB Binance, all the winning projects — including only monthly stars, which are limitless — and top players will receive an investment offer from BNB Chain FUND.

The official list of prizes for the winners was published on the BNB Chain Official Website

For Monthly Stars

  • Direct Investment Offer
  • Direct Investment offer from BNB chain Fund
  • Pre-Seed & Pre-Launch: $100K
  • Seed/launched: $250K-$500K
  • MVB Incubation Program
  • Marketing & Community Support
  • Security support
  • Potential Opportunity for Binance Labs Incubation Program

For Final Top Players (up to 3 Projects)

  • Direct Investment Offer
  • 2nd Round Investment Offer
  • 1st Place Prize: $1M
  • 2nd Place Prize: $500K
  • 3rd Place Prize: $200K
  • Gas Incentives
  • Marketing & Community Support
  • Potential Listing on
  • Systematic technical support

Get in, It’s time to work!


To win this great opportunity, needs your support. Each comment, tag, and like has significant value, BNB Chain committee will assess the strength of the communities, and the strongest community will receive additional attention.

It is time to make some noise and show them how strong we are and more importantly how our amazing product is exactly what is needed in our DeFi future!

We hope the information in this article makes things more clear about the MVB IV Project.

Feel free to reach out to us through our community channels! Your opinion is extremely valuable to us.

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