Revault protocol upgrade

Writing these lines, Revault produces the best APY on BSC, and as you will shortly see, during 2022 this bold statement will hopefully be true for all EVM compatible blockchains out there.

January Product upgrades

  1. Enforcing the TVL reward 100X multiplier — During our Beta stage, we noticed a lot of whales diverting their bags to Revault to maximize their APYs on the assets we support. Although this is a great vote of confidence and a sign we reached product-market fit, it ended up hurting our token and core community since many of these whales dumped their $REVA immediately after. The 100 multiplier is used to force only these whales to hold a significant amount of $REVA in order to enjoy what our platform has to offer and can be further adjusted any time by a DAO vote.



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