Revault 101 , We’re Live


Now that the ILO is behind us, we can begin with the serious stuff. We have just launched our beta app for you to see what we have been working on this entire time.

We decided to go ahead and launch the app even before the emission has started, in order to enable everyone to play with it and be able to calmly explore its functionalities.

Before we dive into the emission and the how-to videos, we would like to remind you that although we are going to launch the beta app and you will be able to stake your $REVA and provide liquidity, Doing so will not result in $REVA rewards until the emission officially starts, on BSC block number 11763000.

One last thing. As part of Revault’s innovative architecture, we use a designated proxy smart contract for each of our platform users, adding an additional layer of security. Doing so will result in high transaction fees on your first action on the platform. This is a one-time fee and nothing to be worried about.

For those of you not familiar with the Revault Emission, it is the pace at which new $REVA tokens are introduced to the market and their first stop. By the time you are reading these lines, 30% of the entire $REVA supply was already minted for community backers and team members, with approximately 70% of that portion locked for vesting.

The remaining 70% $REVA tokens will be introduced to the world with each BSC block. Each new block will mint an additional 0.7 $REVA. Further down the road, The $REVA emission rate multiplier will be decreased to X0.75 and to X0.5 at the end of 9 months from our launch date.

For further information regarding the $REVA emission and tokenomics visit our previous blog post.

The freshly minted $REVA will be distributed as rewards for different activities on our platform in the following order:

21.4% of the $REVA emission, standing for 15% of the total $REVA supply, will be distributed as rewards for the participants in the many vaults presented on the platform — TVL Rewards.

28.6% of the $REVA emission, standing for 20% of the $REVA supply, will be distributed as rewards for staking $REVA on the $REVA single asset pool

35.7% of the $REVA emission that stands for 25% of the $REVA supply, will be distributed as rewards for providing liquidity in Pancakeswap $REVA-BNB pool

So GET IN and try it out. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts

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