Release The Beast

And so, we are all delighted to introduce these new product features

  • Acryptos integration — With over 150M$ TVL Acryptos is amongst the leading vault aggregators on BSC. As we write these lines, Acryptos are producing the highest APY on BNB, BUSD, BTCB, and CAKE-BNB LP, and are a top contender in the rest of our featured pools. Adding Acryptos is another giant step of our platform to become the most inclusive place to relay your assets from.
  • BTCB & ETH vaults addition — Aiming to make this a habit we are excited about the addition of another two quality vaults from Bunny (QUBIT) and Acryptos.
  • Trustwallet & WalletConnect — After a long-anticipated process we are thrilled to announce full integration with Trustwallet and WalletConnect, widening the possibilities for other web 3 wallet users to enjoy our platform.
  • Valid Network security score widget integration — As a silver lining in everything we do, we take security very seriously. The partnership announced back in October is now showing its first results with the integration of Valid’s security score widget. Revault users will now have additional feedback regarding the risk posture of all the vaults on our platform supported by valid networks.



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