New Year, New Partnership - Welcome To The Family
2 min readDec 26, 2021


Happy new year and Merry Christmas Delorians,

One after the other we keep on adding strategic partners and widening our network. This time we are happy to tell you all about our partnership with the brilliant team of

Since day 1 of Revault’s journey we understood that in order to change the way people DeFi, we will have to create a consortium of organizations thinking alike and dedicated to our target. Our mission statement remains still to be the gateway for new DeFi users and the go-to platform for those already there.

As a promising young crypto project, we are constantly bombarded with collaboration inquiries and are lucky enough to be able to choose the best from the pile those we believe their counterparty has the same ambitions and goals in mind.

We met with Zam’s team a few weeks ago and instantaneously clicked with everyone on the call seeing the potential and common ground between our two projects.

Like Revault, Zam is also aiming to become the gateway to DeFi and crypto, with their main focus being on the connection between people and capital from traditional finance to DeFi. Although relatively a young company (2018) Zam was able to release several products including among others, ZamWallet & ZamWallet exchange, a remittance platform, zMorgan an on-chain platform for stablecoin loans secured by stocks as collateral, and the Zam Academy a hub for beginners to learn their first steps in the crypto blue ocean.

The quality of Zam’s team together with their execution level, passion, and connections to over 10,000 individuals both crypto and traditional capital players, made it clear to us this is an opportunity we can’t miss.

Since there are many verticals to explore together, we took a joint decision to focus on only a few to start with. These will include adding $REVA to ZamWallet and Zam Academy where Zam’s users can learn about Revault and use our yield maximizing protocol with their base assets. In addition, we will advise Zam on creating their own vaults using $ZAM and other big cap assets, and add them to our protocol.

We would like to take this opportunity and welcome our friends from to the Revault family and say we are lucky to have you with us on this amazing journey

To the future!



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