Make Room BSC, Best APY On FTM Is Next On Revault
2 min readFeb 16, 2022


4 months ago we launched our platform with the sole desire of providing our users with the best APY in the market with maximum simplicity. Thankfully enough, thanks to a mix of diligence, determination & an amazing supportive community, we are proud to say mission accomplished.

Today everybody knows Revault is getting you the best APY on BSC, at any given moment.

But make no mistake, the Revault train is still far from its destination. From the very beginning, we decided to tackle the 2 biggest challenges in defi — knowing where the best place for your assets is and making sure they always stay there.

To do so, we must not rest until we add our functionalities to all of the major blockchains out there. And so, with great excitement, we announce our integration with Fantom (FTM) to be released in a few days.

Perhaps the most hyped EVM blockchain today, Fantom holds one of the loudest and buzzing communities out there. With exponential growing TVL by the day, adding FTM to our platform has the potential to skyrocket Revault to new heights.

And so, we will introduce several new vaults provided by yEarn, Beefy, and Autofarm and onboard the following Fantom-based assets — FTM, WBTC, WETH, MIM, USDC, & DAI.

On the protocol level, users will now be able to provide liquidity on the $REVA/FTM pair at SpookySwap and enjoy their share of the platform liquidity rewards. To do so, they will have to bridge their $REVA from BSC to FTM using the designated BSC/FTM Celer bridge. If you are new to the bridging concept, here is an easy guide on how to bridge your tokens.

One by one we will conquer them all

See you back in the future







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