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Maximizing Vault Strategies

Revault brings the power of easy search navigation to the DeFi ecosystem, enabling anyone to find and deposit funds in the best performing vaults on any blockchain at any given time.
Thousands of smart contracts are being deployed on dozens of different blockchains every day. A growing number of financial solution protocols and services are emerging, representing the cutting edge of the economy. However, only a few have true access to them.

We do this by creating a simple gateway to DeFi returns and services. Our MVP is a simple product that lets anyone, in one click, find the best performing vault for any given asset on any given time. If, after depositing funds in the best performing vault, an even better performing vault becomes available, a user can easily move funds in a single click to the new best performing vault. In this way, Revault ensures that a user’s funds are always funneled to the best performing vault at any given time, saving the need to search and execute transactions manually.

Following our road map, which we’ll present soon, we will introduce more and more features on an ongoing basis that further make the DeFi space easier to navigate and use. Focusing first on enhancing vault search capabilities including: open source vaults APY real time index, multi vaults allocations for better risk management and more.

The REVA token that is being launched incentivizes users to use Revault as their go to gateway to DeFi. Using Revault, you will receive all the rewards from your selected vault plus rewards of our REVA tokens, making depositing through Revault’s search & maximize engine the best choice for any asset. Revault simply relays funds — we don’t compete with other vault projects on strategies or APY. We will write a further post re REVA’s complete token economy.

Revault will be the Google of DeFi. In the same way the internet is an ocean of information and we need quick & easy access to it, DeFi is a forest of upside which needs tools to navigate easily. We are super excited to launch Revault and look forward to playing our part in the financial revolution to come.

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We Find & Maximize Vault Strategies. Find and deposit funds in the best performing vaults in the market at any given time!