Fellow time travelers. This piece will be about Revault’s pre-sale and initial liquidity event (ILO). Both of these crowdsales play a significant role in the making of Revault’s community and ecosystem. But, before we dive into numbers and allocations, let’s talk about vision.

Almost a year ago, when we started our amazing journey towards becoming the Google search of DeFi, we set a target to solve DeFi’s 2 biggest pains: finding where to put our assets and finding the time to maintain that position. We also came to the understanding that to do so we will need a strong community pushing the project and that Revault can only be as strong as its community will be. Since that point in time, we were lucky enough to find strategic investors and partners who understood our way of thinking and stayed true to it all along.

And so, with the understanding that greatness will be achieved only by a full alignment of interests, we made a decision that the entire contribution raised in our crowdsales will be used solely for providing liquidity for our $REVA token pools. Revault’s operations and marketing costs will be paid out only from the earlier seed proceeds and from the future $REVA treasury share controlled by Revault’s community DAO. On the other hand, being a community-based project also comes with a requirement for community involvement. Therefore, to participate in each of Revault’s crowdsales, one will have to contribute his share to the project, and not just with BNB.

Having established that each of us has his or her part to contribute, let’s get practical

$REVA tokens Crowdsales

The crowdfunding will total at approximately 2,500 BNB (USD 857,000) in exchange for 2.5% of the total $REVA supply, and be conducted by 2 equal phases. Participation in both phases will be enabled only by getting whitelisted, granting its members the right for advanced participation.

Pre-Sale (1.25%, 227,223 $REVA)

Our pre-sale is just around the corner and we will be raising through it USD 357,000 worth of BNB (~900 BNB) to serve as Revault initial liquidity.

Pre-sale terms

$REVA price — 1.57$ / ~0.0039 BNB

$REVAs will be distributed in 3 equal monthly tranches, starting on the launch day.

Individual cap — 6 BNB

Whitelist eligibility — Decided on a case by case basis. Applicants shall contact one of Revault’s team members on Discord and present how they can contribute to the success of Revault. Such contributions can be marketing efforts, communities onboarding, partnerships, and every other valuable contribution you have in mind.

Initial Liquidity Offering ILO (1.25%, 227,223 $REVA)

The ILO will start after the pre-sale is concluded and we will be raising through it USD 500,000 worth of BNB (~1,250 BNB) to serve as Revault initial liquidity.

ILO terms

$REVA price — 1.925$/~0.0044 BNB

$REVAs will be distributed in 3 equal monthly tranches, starting on the launch day.

Individual cap — according to each launch pads’ different tiers.

Whitelist eligibility — according to each launch pads’ criteria.

The beautiful thing about DeFi, is that in order to reach success, a project must constantly have the favor of its community as a top priority. With the fierce competition and governance models, failing to do so will inevitably end in a loss of interest or trust, in the project’s most valuable assets, its community.

Since its inception, Revault has committed to becoming a go-to place created by community members for community members. And so, it is only natural that in order to participate in the rising of Revault, one must bear some of the burden and take actions that will contribute to its success, while at the same time, the entire funds raised will be used only to provide liquidity, increasing the chances of Revault’s long term success.

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