Gangnam Style
2 min readJan 30, 2022


Time Travelers,

With great pleasure we can announce today our S.Korean DD is over and with a great score. As previously communicated to you, a few months ago we set our goals on introducing Revault to the S.Korean market. Being a highly crypto regulated country, in order to eventually get listed in one of S.Korea’s big CEXs we had to undergo a long due diligence process by S.Korea biggest crypto rating firm Xangle. This process is a must for every project who wants to get listed in Korea and is an extremely hard one to pass.

We are thrilled to announce that we passed their rigorous review with flying colors

During the process, the Revault team met several times with Xangle officials, and detailed discussions were held to explain Revault technology, architecture, token economy, financial capabilities, community strength, and engagement, and go to market strategy and milestones ahead. After the long back & forth process, we were given a great BB grade. For reference ETH is AA and is A+

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The full report can be found here —

This means we are on track with our listing and penetrating the S.Korean market. Although S.Korea is known for its tech-savvy population especially in crypto, Defi remained so far quite an untapped market.

Since Revault is all about bridging the gaps into Defi so everyone could use its endless offerings with just one click, we believe the demand for Revault will hit the roof. The report and feedback we were getting throughout the process just make us believe it even more.

To make sure the impact we are about to make with the proposed listing will hit waves “Gangnam Style”, we are also launching a massive marketing campaign in a few days, dedicated to the S.Korean market.

We are all confident the South Koreans will LOVE Revault and the fact they can use it to get the best APY on BSC now and on every other chain later on. After all, our co-founder’s last name is Kimchi…Coincidence? We don’t think so

Roads?? Where we are going Marty you don’t need no roads

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