Blockchain Security firm Valid Network partners with Revault

Time travelers,

As we approach at the speed of light to Revault’s launch date, it is our great honor to announce another mega partnership, this time with the great Valid Network.

Valid Network’s real-time insights are used by Cryptocurrency traders and exchanges, as well as investors and hedge funds, to make better investment and trading decisions, to protect the value of their digital assets, and to capitalize on market opportunities that only Valid Network’s technology can uncover.

Revault platform aims to become the Google search of Defi by introducing its users to the best performing vaults using their assets. Each new vault will undergo a series of tests and validations, taking into account the professionalism and legitimacy of the people behind it, the volatility, fees, and different mechanisms of their native tokens, and that the presented APY of each vault is measured accurately.

Collaborating with Valid Network and adding their smart Valid Score widget to our platform, will provide another layer to our vetting process of new vaults. It lets our users better understand the risk associated with each asset or vault, security vulnerabilities, and other on-chain events affecting the asset. Revault users will therefore receive unique insights about each vault before they choose to invest or rebalance their position in it.

Valid Network’s smart score widget on Revault’s platform

Valid Network deriskifies Blockchain. The firm’s Valid Data platform is constantly monitoring numerous networks, protocols, assets, and transactions, and detects security vulnerabilities, anomalies, financial opportunities, and other blockchain behaviors of interest to crypto investors.

Valid Network’s CEO Kfir Nissan said:

“Revault brings a new approach to crypto investment based on deep technology. We’re happy to have Revault as one of our first design partners for our Valid Data platform, allowing crypto investors to make informed decisions regarding crypto-assets — and now, regarding vaults as well. With the Valid Score widget, Revault investors would be able to quickly understand the security posture of various assets, vaults, and their respective risk profiles. They’d also be able to dig deeper at Valid Data for exact Smart Contract vulnerabilities, impactful on-chain events, and various asset governance details. Such insights have a predictive nature, as they’re able to highlight opportunities and threats in crypto trading before they actually materialize.”

Revault co-founder Uriel Peled said:

“Our planned integration with Valid Network’s Valid Score widget will empower Revault users, providing them with much-needed information about the protocols and assets they are about to invest in. We are certain that in the near future Valid Score will become the de-facto standard and “a must-have” tool required by every trader and investor in the blockchain space. Today, we celebrate the opportunity to collaborate with Valid Network from the get-go, being able to build our product with a strong emphasis on risk management along with our inherent capabilities of maximizing yields.”

Revault will continue to form partnerships and alliances with other quality firms to make sure our product is the best Defi tool out there and to be able to offer our users the most secure portfolio suite ever presented in crypto.

Until our next announcement, stay frosty,

The Revault team.

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